haul screenshotThese past two weeks I’ve been shopping here and there for goodies and I thought I’d share them with y’all in a brand new video for my YouTube channel. Some of y’all have been following me since way back when I first started sewing for myself and then when I finally decided to go to fashion school. If you are one of those followers, thank you. Thank you for following along on this journey I call my life. You guys rock! Some of you have not only stayed followers, but you’ve become friends! For those of you who just found out I have a YouTube channel, welcome! Go subscribe and check out all my old videos. Some of them are funny, some of them are silly, and some of them are fashion-related, so they’re awesome, of course 😉 Anyways, this haul is from Target, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Family Christian. Below are all the links I mention in the video.

I am also working on finishing up my free sewing pattern for all my Facebook group members and a new podcast for The RLD Podcast. So stay tuned for those. Until then, enjoy the video and stay creative!


HERE is the link to the Bible Journaling hashtag.

HERE is the link to my Bible Journaling Instagram Page.

HERE is the link to the NIV Women’s Devotional, teal Bible I have.

HERE is the link to the Single Column Journaling Bible by Crossway that I am gifting my hubby.

HERE is the Inspire Bible on Amazon.

HERE is the Inspire Bible at Family Christian store to get it 30% off.

HERE is the link to the Mary Square website.\

HERE is the link to the Instagram page I mentioned for my new canvas.


HERE is my Instagram Fashion Page.

HERE is my Instagram Bible Journaling Page.

HERE is my YouTube Channel.

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HERE is my Facebook Page.

HERE is my Facebook group. This is where you get my next sewing pattern for free!

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HERE is more info on my podcast via my site.

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