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Podcast Episodes


  1. RLD 001: Fashion, Millinery, and Battling Cancer with Brande Wilkerson of Victory Vintage Boutique.
  2. RLD 002: Motherhood and Jewelry Making with Alicia Mau of Mama Bear’s Enlighten Me.
  3. RLD 003: Leather, Brewing, and Fashion Design with fashion designer Jahana Uchtman.
  4. RLD 004: Bibdanas, Divorce, and Remarriage with Brittney Fritts, owner of Bibdana Baby.
  5. RLD 005: Fashion Design and Finding a Job with Internet Specialist of Bass Pro corporate office, Katie Brown.
  6. RLD 006: Heather Lou of Closet Case Files, pattern designer and sewing blogger.
  7. RLD 007: Caroline Hulse of Sew Caroline, sewing pattern designer, fabric designer, and blogger.
  8. RLD 008: Elisalex of By Hand London, Head of Designs, pattern designer, and London-based sewing blogger.
  9. RLD 009: Taylor Hackbarth or Taylor Tailor, a popular men’s sewing blog.
  10. RLD 010: Suzannah Hamlin, Author & Sewing Blogger of Create/Enjoy.
  11. RLD 011: Dr. Michele Granger, Author & Professor of Entrepreneurship.
  12. RLD 012: Kelli Ward, sewing pattern designer and blogger of True Bias.
  13. RLD 013: Holli Coats, sewing pattern designer and blogger over at Hello Holli.
  14. RLD 014: Jennifer DeShazer, pattern designer and sewing blogger of A Jennuine Life.
  15. RLD 015: Samantha Plasencia, fashion designer and one of the stars of Project Runway season 13.
  16. RLD 016: Lauren Dahl of Baste & Gather and Pattern Workshop.
  17. RLD 017: Sophie Parslow, sewing blogger at Ada Spragg.
  18. RLD 018: Sarah Norwood, sewing blogger and pattern designer of the lingerie line Ohhh Lulu.
  19. RLD 019: Rebekah Scott, designer and owner of Rebekah Scott Designs.
  20. RLD 020: Tamara Styer, Editor-in-Chief of Deitra Magazine.
  21. RLD 021: Matthew Miller, Fashion Illustrator AKA Sunflowerman


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