laurenssThis week on the RLD podcast we have sewing blogger of Baste & Gather and owner/creator of Pattern Workshop, Lauren Dahl. I first met Lauren when I stumbled across her blog during my first venture into sewing blogs. I immediately fell in love with her blog and started stalking following all things Lauren. I got to know her a bit more once I enrolled into her amazing class, Pattern Workshop. She’s just as awesome and down-to-earth as she portrays on her blog. On this episode you’ll hear all about her life, how she got started with her blog and also:

  • What she did before she created Pattern Workshop.
  • Her background and how PW got started.
  • How and why she started Momiform Makeover.
  • Body issues in the sewing community.
  • Exercise and health topics after baby.
  • Postpartum bodies and the realness of life.
  • Her advice to new sewing bloggers.


HERE is the link to her site, Baste & Gather.

HERE is her Pattern Workshop.

HERE is the link to Sew Maris, her friend’s blog.

HERE is the link to Lauren’s Momiform Wardrobe that started Monday, September 21, and the giveaway. Check out her website for the latest posts. (I’m on Friday, September 25)

HERE is the link to Angela Wolf’s class on Craftsy.

HERE is my youtube (I haven’t updated in a while).

HERE is the link to Bikini Body.

HERE is the cover of Runner’s Magazine with a plus size model I mention.

laurendssLauren is on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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