This week we have another awesome guest for y’all: Samantha Plasencia, fashion designer and one of the stars of Project Runway season 13. I was able to meet with her, here in San Antonio, to do my first in-person RLD podcast interview.

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During the interview she opens up her life to us and tells us all about her sewing journey, how she got onto Project Runway, and how she’s dealt with adversity. She’s also going to talk to us about:

  • How she started sewing.
  • Her childhood and how it impacts her designs now.
  • How the Project Runway opportunity came about.
  • How Project Runway has helped her business.
  • Who instilled her tenacity.
  • What she thought she wanted to do before fashion design.
  • How she decides on fashion shows and collections.
  • How she prices her items.
  • Where she sources her fabrics.


HERE is the link to the Cutting Edge Fashion Show in San Antonio, TX.

HERE is the link to University of the Incarnate Word, the college she attended.

HERE is the link to Project Runway season 13 full episodes.

HERE is the link to Any Baby Can.

HERE is the link to Peter Thomas Roth.

HERE is the link to WERK Fashion Show. This was an extension of her SS15 show.

HERE is her Spring & Summer collection for San Antonio Fashion Week 2014.

HERE is her Austin collection collection 2015.

HERE is the link to Dark Beauty Magazine.

HERE is the link to Fashion Week San Antonio in November.

HERE is a link to Anthony Ryan’s store, The Anthill by Anthony Ryan.

HERE is a link to the Auxiliary Magazine article that called her an avant garde designer.

HERE is the first, beginner sewing machine I got.

HERE is Samantha’s home machine.

HERE is Sam’s Brother industrial machine.

HERE is my Industrial machine, Juki 8700-7, from the website I purchased it from. I had to pay for shipping also since I’m not in California, but this vendor is.

HERE is the tiny toy sewing machine we mentioned for kids.

HERE is her etsy shop.

HERE is the link to Mood online.

HERE is the link to Golden D’or in Dallas, TX.

HERE is a link to her gallery of (1 of 1)-2 (1 of 1) (1 of 1) (1 of 1)-5

Samantha is on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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Header Photo Credit: Samantha Plasencia

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