Today we are talking to Holli Coats, pattern designer and sewing blogger over at Hello Holli. (Isn’t that ^^^^ the cutest pic ever?) She’s going to be talking to us about her first pattern, The Blue Ridge Dress, how she set goals for herself when she first started,
and how she started sewing.

rld013guestpic We will also hear about:

  • how she’s teaching her kids to sew and knit.
  • how we procrastinate on housework.
  • what she’s currently sewing.
  • Inspiration for her pattern.
  • where her pattern names came (and will come)  from.
  • the pattern that got her started on pdf patterns.
  • her hubby’s homemade ice cream. Yum!


HERE is the link to the Pattern Workshop class by Lauren Dahl that she mentions.

HERE is a pic of the panda dress I was talking about.

HERE is the link to the Sunki Dress pattern by Figgy’s.

HERE is the link to Perfect Pattern Parcel

She’s also got a special coupon code for 20% off the Blue Ridge Dress through 9/4- use code BLUERIDGERLD20 on her Etsy shop

Here is a photo of her sewing room I mentioned.behindthescenesHere is a photo of my modpodge, sewing pattern table I spoke about:modpodge

WHATCHU SEWING? A new segment of The RLD Podcast.

HERE is a link to the Candy Top. Use the code CANDYFUNTOP to get 20% off.

HERE is a link to the Peg Legs Pattern.

HERE is a link to the Pattern for Pirates group where you can find an amazing discount on them. Seriously, amazing discount.

Here are the mentioned creatives for this week’s segment:

  1. Amber @soisewedthis
  2. Kristi @kristi_sweetkm
  3. Andrea @andreasewingdiary
  4. Nat @Nat_sewoutnumbered

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