Hi sewcialists!  We have hit over a thousand downloads! Yay! Thanks guys, y’all rock! I’m glad y’all are loving the show. Today we have another milestone complete, a male guest!

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That’s right, we have Taylor of the popular men’s sewing blog TaylorTailor talking to us all about his latest projects, his day job, and his trip to Paris. He’ll also be talking to us about:

  • Why he started sewing.
  • His work from home day job with his wife.
  • His first projects and his affinity for jeans.
  • Where he gets most of his sewing supplies and fabric.
  • His backpack pattern.
  • The book he uses to draft patterns.
  • The formula he’s using for his latest men’s shirt.
  • and his advice for new sewers, especially men.

**Please excuse the ambient noise of the headset mics scratching our clothes. Note to self: never use headsets again. Sorry! My podcast headset was dead and we both had to use regular headphones.**


HERE is a link to his Paris posts.

HERE is a link to his wife’s posts on food in Paris, and HERE is one for her Paris trip in general.

HERE is a link to the apron we mentioned.

HERE is a link to his first shirt.

HERE is the pattern drafting book he mentioned: The Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Menswear.

HERE is the one I use: Patternmaking for Menswear by Gareth Kershaw.

HERE is a link to The Sewing Party website that launches in August. HERE is their Instagram.

HERE is his backpack pattern preview.

HERE is his website.

HERE is his supply shop.

HERE is the Rail Car Fine Goods website.

Taylor is on Twitter and Instagram.

** I decided NOT to link the site we talked about with all the negative comments because I’ve linked it once already in one of my other podcasts and I feel that one link in my podcast blogs is enough. I don’t want to send any more people their way and instead hope that we can start building each other up instead of tearing each other down. *


Alicia Mau of Mama Bear’s Enlighten Me from episode 2, and Brittney Fritts of Bibdana Baby from episode 4, have both extended their coupon codes just for y’all, so make sure y’all head on over to their Etsy shops and use those codes.

HERE is Alicia’s Etsy shop.

HERE is Brittney’s Etsy Shop.

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Header & Blogger Photo Credit: TaylorTailor

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