Hi Sewcialists! This week on the show we have Elisalex, co-founder and Head of Design for the pattern shop and website By Hand London.

rld008guestpicShe is a London based pattern designer and sewing blogger, and today she is going to be talking to us about:

• How she started sewing.
• How By Hand London came to be.
• Her life growing up as a child of an artist.
• Her life as a shoemaker before starting BHL.
• Why she began her first blog which led to BHL.
• How she met Charlotte and Victoria the other two co-founders of BHL.
• Where the pattern names come from.
• How life is now after moving out of the studio and working from home.
• The negativity BHL has faced and how they deal with it.
• Her advice for those just starting out.


HERE is a link to Anna Walker who does their illustrations.

HERE is a link to the shop where you can purchase their pdf and remaining paper patterns.

HERE is a link to the Zeena Dress that came out this week!

HERE is a link to the GOMI site she mentions that she no longer reads due to the negativity on it.

HERE is a link to the By Hand London site and their blog.

HERE is the link to Elisalex’s Instagram.

Here is BHL’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Elisalex will be a part of the Refashioners! Yay! Read more about it HERE.

Use the coupon code RLD20 for 20% off all of the By Hand London sewing patterns FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS! Coupon code ends Monday the 13th at midnight GMT time.

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Header Photo Credit: By Hand London

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