rld007guestpicHi everyone! Today on the show we are talking with sewing blogger, pattern, and fabric designer Caroline Hulse of Sew Caroline. She’s going to be talking to us about her creative job, blogging, pregnancy, and also:

  • How her blog Sew Caroline came to be.
  • How she started to sew and how she learned.
  • Why she began doing sewing patterns.
  • How she learned to draft patterns on Illustrator.
  • Who she designs for and what inspires her.
  • How she started her fabric line with Art Gallery Fabrics
  • Her quilt market adventures.
  • How her pregnancy is going and what color she’s thinking of for the nursery.
  • What her blog used to be named.
  • The conferences she’s been to and being awestruck by other bloggers.
  • Her advice to those just starting out.


HERE is the link to the Illustrator book I mentioned.

HERE is the link to Creative Live.

HERE is the link to the class, Design Surface Patterns from Scratch on Creative Live, by Bonnie Christine that Caroline mentioned.

HERE is the link to Pattern Workshop that was mentioned.

HERE is a photo of the quilt I mentioned that Caroline had made.

HERE is a link to Caroline’s website.

HERE is a link to Caroline’s Happy Home fabric line Lookbook.

You can find her on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter.Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.43.12 PM

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