RLD005guestphoto-01On this week’s episode of The RLD Podcast we have Internet Specialist Katie Brown talking to us about her work at the corporate offices of Bass Pro and her life leading up to it. Katie and I both attended Missouri State where she graduated with a double major in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising degree from the College of Business. During our conversation you will hear about:

  • How she graduated with 2 degrees for her bachelors in 5 years.
  • What she’s studying for in her masters degree.
  • How she got her full time job with Bass Pro while still in her senior year of design school.
  • Her advice for current students to do every day before graduation in order to land a job.
  • How she uses her fashion & merchandising  degree for her job as an Internet Specialist for Bass Pro’s corporate office.
  • How she was able to get the job that she wanted that would give her the corporate experience she needed for her future “dream job”.
  • She also shares a good idea on how to show future employers your experience and work.
  • Her inspiration for her senior collection while at MSU.
  • Where she got her knits for her knit collection with free swatches.
  • Her tips on working with knits.
  • and finally her advice for those heading towards college or who are already there.

HERE is where she purchased all of her knit fabrics.

HERE is a YouTube video of the foot we talked about in the podcast, called a walking foot, which she used for knits.

HERE is the basting spray we talked about.

Below is a photo of Katie with her models before the runway show for her senior collection in May 2014. She is third from the left.unnamed
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