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First off let me apologize for the fact that in the last episode I gave y’all a sneak peek of Lauren Knight from Team Impact. I had some technical errors with her recording that I’m trying to fix and wasn’t able to solve the issue by this week’s episode. I didn’t want y’all to go another week without a new episode so I chose my friend and fellow fashion designer Jahana Uchtman for this week’s show. She is amazingly talented and has such a unique point-of-view when it comes to her custom designs that I knew I had to share her with y’all. I will try to workout the issues with Lauren’s recording and will try to share that conversation with y’all as soon as I can get it working properly.

Jahana and I met while we were both in fashion school at Missouri State and her work with leather definitely impressed me and many others. She is such a free-spirited individual and brings out the best in anyone around her. During this episode of the show she shares with us:

  • How one of her dads gift changed the direction of her life.
  • How she went from studying architecture to studying fashion design.
  • What she currently has on her sewing table.
  • How she incorporates her husband’s love of brewing beer into her design life.
  • How she got interested into working with leather.
  • The primitive process that goes into using leather as a garment.
  • What inspires her in her work.
  • And how she feels about failures in her personal life and in business.

She also puts me in the hot seat and asks me a few questions like:

  • How I save my fashion ideas for later.
  • How I stay on track with my work.
  • How I stay motivated to finish tasks.
  • And suggestions for getting the best photographs on a website.


HERE is the photo of the maternity pants she made that we mentioned in the show.

HERE is a photo of the leather bathing suit I mention in the show.

HERE is a photo of her leather collection.

HERE is her Facebook page.

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