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The Creative Process of a Fashion Collection by Reyna Lay


25 page research essay about the creation of a fashion collection for aspiring designers or anyone interested in the field of fashion and product development.

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25 page research on The Creative Process of a Fashion Collection written by fashion designer Reyna Lay.

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Here is an excerpt with more detail taken directly from the essay and Introduction:

“My love for fashion and my passion to be creative both in what I wear and what I design led me to a degree in fashion design and merchandising. I gain inspiration from everything, from a piece of jewelry to a leaf on the ground. The inspiration creates a spark in my brain and allows me to design pieces of clothing that a wide range of women will want to wear. I thought that being creative and drawing up a few sketches of what I felt inspired to make was all it took to be able to create a fashion line, but I was wrong. Upon entering the fashion world I was overwhelmed by how extensive the creative and technical process is when designing a garment, let alone a whole collection. 

Understanding the process of designing a fashion collection is fundamental to a fashion designer’s core knowledge and will help new designers and those interested in a career in fashion design to see the organization and steps needed to complete a collection successfully. In order for a designer to put together a collection effectively and in a timely manner, he or she must follow a set of steps that, if done in a certain order, will avoid needless headaches and unwanted stress, but will allow them the opportunity to achieve a creative and beautiful collection. 

Throughout this project I will not only explain the steps that are necessary to put together an effective and fashion forward collection, but will also show real life examples by providing information on the collection that I am working on concurrently: The Ying Yang Collection. This collection is an optional collection for the spring 2013 fashion show at Missouri State University. Each year fashion design and merchandising students put their creativity and talent to use by incorporating all of the knowledge they have learned in the first couple of years of design school. I incorporated many of the things that I learned in my beginner and intermediate sewing classes, my product quality and product development classes, and also my draping course. Many of the designs that I will include in this project have been created in my draping class as a required project, but the Ying Yang Collection was optional. 

I plan to use the fundamentals covered in my project to further my knowledge and my experience in the fashion industry and later on work for a fashion magazine where my knowledge can not only impact, but help thousands, if not millions, around the world. It would also be a great honor to work for a fashion designer that can help me grow in my technical skills and help me gain experience as a designer. My goal is to one day be able to have my own fashion line in stores around the world such as Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macy’s, and to successfully grow a business that not only produces beautiful garments, but later extends also to accessories such as jewelry, shoes, and purses. I have come to learn and understand that all of this begins with the technical aspect and creative planning of my first collection. This is why I have chosen this topic for myself and for my readers, because it is better to go into the world with some knowledge in your pockets, than none at all.”



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