As many of you know, I was recently going crazy sewing up all the pieces for the Harvard Eleganza Fashion Show. I sewed about 15 pieces total and with school, kids, and a husband, it was quite hectic at home the last couple of months! The show was on April 25 on the Harvard campus and the theme was Pandora’s Box. It was an exciting opportunity for me to be a VIP Sponsor for the show and to send in pieces in order to benefit the Boston Center for Teen Empowerment, a center that provides arts & mentorship opportunities to adolescents in high-risk areas. The garments were not only going to walk the runway but I also got the opportunity to photograph them on an 8-page fashion spread for Deitra Magazine and have my work published for more people to see. This was pretty amazing and I can’t thank my editor enough for that opportunity. The magazine should be live online sometime in the next week and you can see the full spread then. I’ll let everyone know on my Facebook page once it does. Until then you can see past issues HERE.


Photo Credit: Jennifer Bowen for Deitra Magazine

My inspiration for the pieces I made and sent in came from the sins that I felt women relate most, or fall more prone to: envy, vanity, and wrath. At least I know I do! I used fabrics to remake the most requested pieces from my Golden Girl Collection such as the Golden Girl Sequin Skirt & the Golden Girl Flower Skirt pictured below. I also used emerald green satins, limited edition black bow lace fabric, and also used Tom’s Batik fabric for the Vixen top, which will be sold online in my SHOP and at Arts & Letters in Springfield, Missouri. I wanted the garment colors to represent the sin: purple for vanity, green for envy, and red for wrath. I hope that this came through in the photographs taken by the lovely Jennifer Bowen.


Golden Girl Lace Top & Envy Midi Skirt. Photo Credit: Jennifer Bowen for Deitra Magazine


Envy Top, Golden Girl Skirt. Photo Credit: Jennifer Bowen for Deitra Magazine

The pieces are now up for sale in the SHOP and because I used limited edition and vintage fabrics it makes them one-of-a-kind pieces, meaning no other person in the world will have this same piece, in this fabric, except the one lucky buyer who purchases that piece! I hope you love the photos and the garments!


Vixen Top. Photo Credit: Jennifer Bowen for Deitra Magazine

A big thank you to my models and to my amazing photographer that was able to capture the theme and the essence so perfectly! Thank you so much!


Vanity Top. Photo Credit: Jennifer Bowen for Deitra Magazine

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