It’s almost back to school time which not only means back to school shopping but also making! During this time I love looking forward to a wardrobe for my little ones that will not only last throughout the year but also throughout the fall/cold weather. Insert the Moto Jacket by Jennuine Design. I was lucky enough to test this baby and I am so glad I did because not only did I get to see what an amazing pattern this is, but also what an amazing person Jenn is. (p.s. she’s going to be on the RLD Podcast soon too).Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.30.58 PM

She really listened to everything the testers had to say and interacted with us every step of the way. I think this is what made the pattern so great. Plus, this isn’t her first rodeo. She’s got tons of amazing patterns out already like the ever fabulous Dressage Leggings, the Verona Dress, and the super popular Swing Top. By the way, aren’t those illustrations freakin’ cute?

As far as the pattern goes, it is on point. It’s described as a motorcycle style jacket with asymmetrical zip, shawl collar, knit sleeves, and welt pockets. It’s by far one of the best patterns I’ve seen out there, extremely professional looking throughout and not at all confusing. Jenn’s pattern gives you the layers option, which I love, and also a great size range of 2T through size 12 for a girl or boy. (yes it’s Unisex!) I have a 2-year-old and a 9-year-old and this pattern works for both of them! She doesn’t slack off on those illustrations either, they are amazeballs. Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.38.49 PM
Take this simple pocket to bodice illustration. The zipper looks like a zipper and that pocket + color is perfection. Oh and she also has the wrong side, right side, and lining chart running along the side of each tutorial page so you don’t have to keep scrolling back to the top to figure out what’s what. This is great for me since I read all my instructions on my computer and/or iPad as I sew. Her instructions are so easy to follow and she makes it super easy for a beginner and even an advanced sewer such as myself to understand the steps.11401516_499252276905952_6127759678407796439_n

I have to admit that although I went to fashion design school, I had yet to make a welt pocket (which truthfully scared the crap out of me) but her instructions made it so easy to follow along. It came out perfectly in the end! Thanks Jenn 😉
10671204_499252570239256_1750059807733787319_nThe top picture is actually the jacket during testing but like I said Jenn is super awesome and listened to the critiques and lengthened the jacket. So now it’s longer and perfect! The bottom pic (taken at night and in a rush, thus the wrinkled pants and bad lighting, sorry) is the actual length now but by me adding to the jacket, not using the final pattern. I just didn’t want to scrap this jacket since my son loved it so much. In the final pattern the length is perfect and the zipper goes all the way down (unlike mine here). Now even my son says it’s perfect!10418379_10206710802829810_6560386573648385710_n

As far as fabric goes, I used a canvas fabric and a light panda print cotton for the lining. (My son loves pandas) I did use ribbing for the welt pocket though and sleeves from an old sweater for this jacket’s sleeves. Yay! for reusing something that was going to be trashed and Yay Jenn! for giving us that idea. All in all it only cost me about $12 for materials and took me a day (on and off) to make it. I already have a Spiderman fabric cut out for the next one and a Minions one also for the little one. It’s definitely a pattern you will use over and over again, especially if you live anywhere near cold weather. The possibilities are endless with this pattern!11415330_499252370239276_1464827297904914139_n

If you love this jacket pattern as much as I do (which you should) you should head on over to Jenn’s SHOP and get it! Or find her on Facebook and let her know you love it! (Tell her Reyna sent ya) Then make sure you stay tuned for all the other amazing bloggers that are joining in on this blog tour. Leave me a comment below letting me know what you think and if you’ll be getting it for your little one. BY THE WAY, there’s also a GIVEAWAY for this pattern on Jenn’s blog this week. Check it out HERE.

Moto Jacket Tester Tour