Hey everyone, I wanted to share with you what I tried working on this week. I made a few Betsy dresses that were ordered, some new patterns for custom pieces that I’m working on for Kam Franklin of the Suffers, and also started to work on a top for myself. I find that I don’t have as much time to sew for myself anymore, which I’d love to change because what’s the point of knowing how to sew if you can’t make yourself something once in a while, right?



Photo Credit: Simplicity.com


Photo Credit: Simplicity.com

I found this Simplicity 1373 pattern the last time I was at Joann’s and I knew I had to sew it up. It was just so cute with its small open back options and also I knew it would pair well with pants, shorts, or even a pencil skirt! I also found this calico printed cotton at Walmart and thought it would go well with a pair of white shorts I recently bought.simplicity1373It wasn’t until I started sewing it up that I realized this top was going to take forever! Each piece has bias enclosed ends and after spending about an hour on the top I only got through the front and the shoulder straps. This one hour did not include the other two hours it took to cut out the pattern and also cut out the fabric, ugh. So, I decided to put it aside and instead completed two more Betsy dresses and have decided I’ll start on this one again later. I just thought that in the same time it takes to make this shirt, I could make a whole new pattern, or sew up a few more dresses. Have y’all ever felt that way about a pattern? I thought it would be something fun, quick, and easy to make, it turned out it wasn’t as easy and quick as I thought it would be and my brain really needed easy after the last few stressful weeks I’ve had sewing up all the pieces for the fashion show. Anyways, I’ll try to get back at it next week, but for now, it’s on my “To Be Continued” pile.20150501_175850Tell me, what are y’all sewing up this week? I’d love to know. Leave me a comment below and a link to your blog so I can check it out! Until then, keep up with me on my Facebook page, IG, and Twitter. All the links are at the top of my blog!

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