If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know that I’ve been chosen to test the Branson Top pattern by Lily Sage & Co. I was super excited and truthfully waiting for the pattern testing stage so that I could put myself on the list to test it out. She had already posted a few sneak peeks of her long-sleeve and sleeveless versions on her blog, which were great. I decided because it’s summer, and so stinkin’ hot in Texas, that I’d do the sleeveless version. I also used the bigger bust cup pattern piece for bust cup sizes C+. I think this was a pretty good alternative to have this addition pattern as sometimes it’s hard to fit my bust if the patterns are made for smaller chested ladies. The pattern options were great. You can print at home or print at a shop and she gives you those options to choose from in the downloads. Also, they were easy to put in order when you cut them because she offers a layout for you to follow on her instructions and each paper has a number on it so you know the exact order it goes in.layout

The instructions has 19 pages but I didn’t need to print them out because I just read them on my iPad. Both the instructions and illustrations were easy to follow and I only needed 1 3/4 yards of fabric to make this top as the instructions said I would. The sleeveless version has 27 pages to printout but in order to save ink I printed in black and white because my size, 18, was the last black line. The only thing is that if you do print in black and white you won’t get any of the numbers printed on the pages, which are in color. This was okay because since they printed in order I just laid them out as I went. Once I started sewing it was easy and quick to put together.

front  What I loved most about this top was the draping of the front. I thought that this would be so flattering on any body type. It features a tie belt that is sewn onto the side of the top so you don’t have to worry about losing it later on. It would also look really cute if you happen to be pregnant because it’s longer in the front and the tie could go over the belly.backThe back of the top is shorter than the front but as you can see it is not super short. The back hugs the body and has a small peplum from the waist down which I think accentuates the natural shape of the body. This is good because the front is so flowy, so the snugger back helps slim you down a bit.
Here is a photo from the side so you can see how the top is asymmetrical towards the front.
I also finished the edges with a blue bias tape to add a little pop of color on the inside. It came out quite nice I think.
and here are a few photos of me in my top for Memorial Day. As you can see, even with a full bust it fits perfectly and no pulling!
As you can see, even with a full bust it fits perfectly and no pulling!
I am definitely going to make more of these and in different colors and fabrics. I already started on a Branson Top in a cotton fabric and I’m excited to see how it looks once it is finished. I have yet to add buttons but besides that it’s pretty much done! Here is a sneak peek.
You can find more on the Branson Top over at Lily Sage & Co. and also more of her patterns HERE.
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Until next time, Stay creative!

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