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Nobody tells you that life after college is as hard as it ends up being. Life after college seems so glamorous and exciting. Everyone is so thrilled about you graduating into the “real life” and you’re so excited about no longer taking any more of those miserable exams or having loads of boring reading and homework to do, that you never really stop to think about what really happens in the “in between,” you know, the part of life in between student and career woman, also known as unemployment.

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From Student to Unemployed

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In 2013 I took a Technical Writing course as part of one of my honors courses for my undergraduate degree. It helped give me a better understand of writing in a professional setting, from resumes to formal report analyzing and proposals for written, research reports.

Today, as I was looking for writing samples I found this in my older files. This is a research report in my field of fashion. I thought it would be a wonderful and informative read for those who are interest in the fashion design aspect of fashion. I took months to write this at the time and lots of time to research it and I am glad I found it so I could share it with you all.

Here is the Table of Contents so you can see what it includes.

It’s completely free and you can download it HERE.

I hope you enjoy it and if you think others would love it, please share the link above with them please so they can download a copy for themselves. Thank you!

The Creative Process of a Fashion Collection

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Ocampo Wedding Baby Dress

Last week we flew down to Houston to see my brother get married and I had the pleasure of making the flower girl dresses for the wedding. They looked beautiful, and I can’t wait to share them with you, but today, I actually wanted to share the dress I made for my baby doll, Miriam Elizabeth. Continue reading…

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The Lulu Dress


The Lulu dress is my newest addition to the RLD shop and I am so excited to debut it for y’all this week. It was the perfect dress for the amazing, spring weather we had today. Continue reading…

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The Paris Dress

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 6.31.30 PM

Last night I realized I had nothing to wear to church *smirk* so I looked in my stash and found this fabric that I purchased from Hancock Fabrics a couple weeks ago. I took out a custom pattern I had made for myself and altered it to make it into a full circle skirt and a front bodice with a lower, curvier, neckline. The bodice is fully lined Continue reading…

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Florals & Lace for Spring

faith sitting (1 of 1)There’s a new dress making its way to the RLD shop very soon. Just like most of my new designs I like to make a sample in my size to check the sizing and fit and I just love how this one turned out. For this dress I used a lightweight, Continue reading…

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Birkin Flares by Baste & Gather

“Inspired by the style of 1970s fashion icon Jane Birkin, the Birkin Flares feature a high waist, trim fit to the knees and a fashion-forward, flared leg. The Birkin Flares work wonders on all figures and make even the puniest of bottoms look fantastic (ask me how I know!).” -Lauren Dahl

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RLD 016: Lauren Dahl of Baste & Gather

laurenssThis week on the RLD podcast we have sewing blogger of Baste & Gather and owner/creator of Pattern Workshop, Lauren Dahl. I first met Lauren when I stumbled across her blog during my first venture into sewing blogs. I immediately fell in love with her blog and started stalking following all things Lauren. Continue reading…

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RLD 015: Fashion Designer Samantha Plasencia of Project Runway Season 13

This week we have another awesome guest for y’all: Samantha Plasencia, fashion designer and one of the stars of Project Runway season 13. I was able to meet with her, here in San Antonio, to do my first in-person RLD podcast interview. Continue reading…

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RLD 014: Jennifer DeShazer of A Jennuine Life

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.48.47 AM

This week on The RLD Podcast we are talking to pattern designer and sewing blogger Jennifer DeShazer of A Jennuine Life. Some of you may know her most for her Jennuine Design shop featuring sewing patterns such as the Dressage Leggings, Verona Dress, and her newest pattern, the Satya Romper, plus more. Continue reading…

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RLD 013: Holli Coats of Hello Holli

Today we are talking to Holli Coats, pattern designer and sewing blogger over at Hello Holli. (Isn’t that ^^^^ the cutest pic ever?) She’s going to be talking to us about her first pattern, The Blue Ridge Dress, how she set goals for herself when she first started,
and how she started sewing. Continue reading…

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RLD O11: Dr. Michele Granger, Author and Professor of Entrepreneurship

Today I bring you one of my favorite people, Dr. Michele Granger. I first met Dr. Granger while getting my fashion design degree at Missouri State University. She has so much experience in the fashion industry Continue reading…

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