“How do you find the time to do all that?”

I get this question a lot! Every time I mention that I’m a student, a mom, and I also run my own fashion design business they ask me this question. I usually answer it with “I just make the time” or “I use the in-betweens“. By this I mean, the time in-between doing one thing or another. I find that is the only way I can make it all work. I workout then eat, and in-between this time and my son waking up, I study. Then I take care of him and in-between him playing or eating I do homework. Then in between the kids having lunch, I cook or clean. Then in-between cooking and cleaning I listen to a podcast or watch a show I like. Most of my work gets done in these in-betweens and I’ve learned to put stuff off that really isn’t that important and by that I mean cleaning. Actually it’s more like I’m usually putting off cleaning until it’s in dire need or because someone’s coming over! Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.16.36 PMRecently A Day in the Life of Reyna Lay was published on Deitra Magazine‘s April issue where I listed off a day in my life from wakeup to lights out. It seemed completely crazy to me once I put it to paper but it really is how most of my weekdays are during school time. Once school is out in the summer I get a bit more free time during the afternoons because I only take my ministry credentials all year, not my business classes. Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading it and that you notice that a lot of my work is done in the in-betweens and that for me it’s the only way I feel I can make it work.

6:00 A.M. On weekdays I set my alarm for 5:50 A.M. but snooze it about two or three times before I actually wake up to get my 8-year-old ready for school, my husband hates me for this since he’s a light sleeper but I’m not a morning person so it takes me a bit to wake up. On weekends I usually sleep in. 6:30 A.M. I workout in my home gym and I’m usually sporting a pair of Under Armour booty shorts and a fitness mantra tank. My workouts vary from running, lifting weights, to high intensity interval training, but most of the time it’s just lifting heavy weights. 8:30 A.M. I eat the same thing every morning: fried summer sausage with scrambled eggs, coleslaw, and shredded carrots, topped with spicy mayo. I really love this meal, and although it sounds weird, it’s actually quite delicious. I usually watch Charmed on Netflix on my phone as I do this. 9 A.M. I take long, very hot showers, with music on, and only wash my hair every few days, or on running days. I have so much hair, and it’s so thick, that if I wash it too often it gets really dry. I use TRESemmé shampoo and sometimes splurge on BED HEAD Control Freak Shampoo when I feel it getting really dry because it makes my hair super soft! I usually don’t wear makeup unless I’m going out on a date with the hubster, or out with friends, and I exfoliate my face with my Clarisonic every day in the shower, so I put on Mary Kay Oil-Free Hydrating Gel to hydrate my skin and call it a day. 10 A.M. I’m currently taking classes to get my Certified Minister credentials through Global University, so I do my reading and homework for these classes while drinking a cup of Gevalia Kaffe vanilla coffee in a Starbucks holiday mug. 11 A.M. My 2 year old wakes up around this time and I have to do the mommy thing: change diapers, cook breakfast for him, lunch for me, usually white rice, veggies, and pork chops, and then play, read, or spend time watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with him. 1 P.M. Music is a big part of our family. Every family member in our house growing up played an instrument. My father was the worship pastor at our church so he can rock the guitar, organ, and piano by ear. He’s self-taught and he’s amazing. My mom on the other hand rocks out on the harp and violin. She’s pretty awesome too. I’m currently learning to play the guitar, for the third time. This time though I’ve actually stuck to it. I practice for about 30 minutes and then I move on to the piano. I took two years of piano at college a couple years ago and ever since graduation last fall, I’ve been practicing every day or so. Lastly I put on some music and I dance and sing with my two-year-old. He really loves music too so music time lasts about an hour. I love this time of my day though, I enjoy music so much that it always helps me de-stress and puts me in such a better mood. 2 P.M. I sneak in a little time in my studio to sew unfinished garments that have been ordered either off my website or Etsy while the baby plays on the floor, and by this I mean takes everything out of my boxes and drawers and makes a mess of my sewing room. I also work on my writing if I have the time. The process is very slow, I write then rewrite over and over again. If I have a post for Deitra that week I work on it a bit during this time. I go online and do some trend forecasting, look at the latest runway or designer looks, and also check out different fashion blogs for inspiration. 3 P.M. My oldest has gotten home from school by now and I have to cook again for all of us, help with homework, and clean up around the house. 4:30 P.M. Around this time my oldest takes over for a bit, puts on a movie or plays with the little one, and gives me a couple hours of slightly less interrupted study time to do homework for my Masters in Business Management I’m working on through Harvard University. 6:30 P.M. My husband usually gets home around this time from work and I’ve either already started making dinner or I’ve asked him to pick up Chinese food or Sonic, depending on the day and the amount of homework or sewing I have left to do still. We talk about our days over a glass of Moscato and cheese bites and sit down to watch SUITS or Sons of Anarchy together. 9 P.M. I give the little one a bath and then put both kids to bed. Then I head to my studio and do my thing again. Usually it’s sewing pieces that have to be sent off to customers, finishing some patternmaking, or drawing up new designs on illustrator. I’m currently working on drawing up design ideas both by hand and on Illustrator for singer Kam Franklin of the Suffers and also a few pieces in the works for Hurts Donut Company. Kam wants a few dresses made by May so I’m super excited about getting to work with her on those. I’m also working on patterns for our new men’s line Rugged Warrior and scouting manufacturers around the area to make them for us. I can make a few but I can only sew so much at a time and manufacturing is the next step. Netflix is usually on in the background or I’ll turn on Spotify and listen to music depending on my mood. I love all kinds of music but rock and pop are my favorite. I love Adele, John Legend, Jesus Culture, and I currently have Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran on repeat. That song just never gets old for me. 11PM-12 A.M. I say a prayer and thank God for surviving another day in my crazy, but very fulfilling life and snuggle into bed with my husband. I’m a night owl so if I’m in bed before 11 P.M. it’s a miracle. I sleep in a dark room with black out curtains and no lights. I usually remember my dreams and if they’re vivid I write them down as soon as I wake up. They make great book ideas. Oh, and I snore. Loud. But you really didn’t need to know that.


A day in the life of reyna lay, Deitra Magazine

Whew! That’s quite a lot, I know! Most days though I get a little selfish and music time doesn’t happen because I have more orders and I just don’t have time for music or playing and sometimes I don’t clean at all because I’ve spent all day sewing, patternmaking and whatever other time I did have with the little one. Thankfully I have an amazing and supportive husband who helps a lot around the house. Most weeks though I make sure that Mondays and Thursdays are for cleaning. On these days I usually make sure I clean before doing any work. I find that this helps keep things from piling up and is usually accomplished best if the kids are napping or haven’t even woken up yet. Truthfully the in-betweens are many, we just have to take advantage of when they happen. Oh and decide (or try to convince ourselves) that we really don’t need that much sleep.

So tell me, do you take advantage of the in-betweens?

Stay creative,

ღ Reyna Lay ღ

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