Sometimes when my week is so overwhelming I like to take the time to just sit and let my mind get a break. Especially when my week is like this one: a sick baby, lots of homework, and very little me time. Some people can do this by watching endless hours of the television, by grabbing a book, or just laying in a quiet room; I like to turn on my latest show on Netflix, which just happens to be Gilmore Girls, and listen as I work on some art. I find this so relaxing and I feel like my brain gets a break from all the chaos.

Today I bring you a drawing based on a sketch I found in a new art book I purchased at Barnes & Noble: New Encyclopedia of Fashion Details by Patrick John Ireland. I’ll be practicing some of these details and posting them on here. I feel I need the practice so that it can feel more natural when I draw. Hope you enjoy!


Buttons and a Bow is made with Prismacolor Markers, pencils, and micron pens in 005 and 05.

I will be working with different media in the future such as watercolor and pastels. Please leave me some love and share if you get the chance.

Until next time,
ღ Reyna Lay